We all know that the world in which we live and do business is changing exponentially in pace and scope. At some point, what got you to where you are won’t get you to where you want to be; your current success can become an obstacle to Next Level success. If you are at that point and feel stuck, there is need for a new point of view and mindset, new knowledge and skills.

About me

Hello, my name is Iva!

I help organisations and individuals drive their success to the next level.

My passion is exploring the gap between the old and the new, setting up frameworks for new potentials to emerge and then acting on them to create new outcomes.

I have been doing this for the last 20 years during which I’ve successfully built, transformed, organised and led high performing teams and jointly we have created success from scratch, transformed failing businesses and had some exceptional market wins.

I have also developed and executed robust strategies for digital transformation and communications of all sort to fit the current reality.

I started my business career as a trainee at Coca-Cola and ended up a board member at Nestle. At each new step of my career path, I had to let go of something old and embrace something new. Mostly it was well planned and with grace, at times I learned the hard way. I know that to be prepared is half the battle. The other half is about action as a foundational key to Next Level success.

My values

Giving attention to you and your Next Level success.
(to give attention to = care)
Finding and exploring your endless new possibilities.
(to find and explore = curiosity)
Setting up a framework and action plan for you.
(to set something up = creation)

How I can help you

If you have decided to get to the next level I can help you expand your point of view, mindset, knowledge and skills to bridge the gap between your new vision and your now.

You will find details of how we can work together in SERVICES.  Alternatively, schedule a CALL.